Arzni Health Resort

According to the legend, Semiramis treated the wounds of Ara the Beautiful by the immortal water of Arzni... Another legend tells that during the small breaks between invasions and wars, Tigran the Great cured his fatigue and diseases in Arzni. 

It’s great that Arzni is not a legend from the past, but a real, unique and modern resort accessible for all segments of population. 

They say coming once for treatment to Arzni, people keep returning to enjoy the air, water and bread of Arzni...


Arzni Health Resort is a whole complex for treatment and rest.
It is situated at a height of 1250 meters above sea level on the 23th km to the North of Yerevan, on the slope of the gorge covered with forest and shrubbery, where clear and ringing purl of Hrazdan river can be heard. 

The climate in Arzni is continental, the winter is soft (the average temperature in January is -5C), the summer is pleasantly cool (the average temperature in July is +22C), the autumn is warm and long-lasting. The sunny days of the year make 2236 hours. By the amount of clear days Arzni exceeds all the health resorts of the Caucasus.

The atmospheric pressure is stable, without sharp changes and is equal to 657 mm of the mercury column. 
The main therapeutic factors of Arzni are the bicarbonate-chloride-hydrocarbonate-sodium water, and the climate of the mountainous areas with typical low barometric pressure. The considerable quantity of carbon dioxide in mineral waters (1.25-2.0 g/l) and the availability of diverse mineral elements (8-10g/1) are of particular importance for the effective treatment. 


1. We’re close to Yerevan, just 23 km away (15 min drive);
2. Climate conditions:
a/ mild weather,
b/ stable barometric pressure,
c/ altitude: 1250 m above sea level (Jermuk, for comparison: 2085 m);
3. Reasonable prices compared to those at other health resorts of the region;
4. We’re the only health resort in the region and the former USSR territory for coronary artery disease, post-infarction and post-stroke rehabilitation;
5. All treatment procedures are carried out within the health resort area;
6. The warm and willing attitude of the personnel;
7. We’re open round year

New Year Celebration, live music show, presents, "khash" ceremony, Easter dinner, as well as movies, competitions and so on... 


We offer various treatment procedures, including baths in Arzni mineral water, manual therapy, paraffinotherapy, peat theraphy, oxygen therapy, acupuncture...  



You can enjoy your spare time at our resort playing billiards, tennis, chess, attending the cinema hall or the sports hall, as well as swimming in the indoor swimming pool...


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